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A. Personal Details

Personal Details

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B. Scientific content

1. What was the best thing about the conference?

2. What were the most (three) important take home messages for you?

3. Any suggestions for improvement of future EUROSPINE meetings?

4. What can EUROSPINE do in order to better serve your needs within the spine community?

5. How do you rate the overall quality of presentations you attended?

Pre-day course

Free papers


EUROSPINE lunch symposia

6. Scientific Programme - Balance: Please tick box of statement you most agree with

7. Scientific Programme - Level: Please tick box of statement you most agree with

C. Attendance

1. What was your attendee status

2. Are you a member of EUROSPINE?

3. When Aswer is "Yes": How would you rate the membership services?

Reduced registration fee for EUROSPINE events

Education events, courses


Exclusive member area on the website

Hard copy and on-line access to the European Spine Journal

Social media: forum, facebook, twitter

4. How often did you visit the e-poster area (one answer only)

5. How do you like this year's conference features?

The Spine Times (daily newspaper)


ARS included in the App

new features at the EUROSPINE booth (e.g. touch table, photo booth for members, iPad station)

6. How do you rate the quality of the commercial exhibition

7. How do you rate the quality of pre-congress registration procedure

8. How do you rate the quality of onsite registration procedure

9. How do you rate the quality of congress publications (announcements, flyers, final programmme, congress website

10. How do rate onsite staff friendliness, competence and accessibility

11. How do you rate onsite catering facilities and quality

12. Thank you for having completed this survey! Please leave your e-mail address if...

D. Certification

1. This event has fulfilled my educational goals and my expected learning outcomes

2. I have learned information at this event that will help me to improve my practice

3. The event was excellently organised

4. The education provided at this event consistently was very good or excellent

5. There was sufficient time for discussions, questions & answers and learner engagement

6. The information presented consistently was supported by a valid scientific evidence base

7. The speakers consistently were very good or excellent

8. The location and venue of the event were very good or excellent

9. There was no bias in any of the programmed educational events

10. The offered Teaching Programme was very good or excellent.

11. The range of companies in the industrial exhibition was sufficient

12. Are there any topics, which should have been considered more/ weren't considered?